Hexagon’s core competence is data. In both the simulation world and the real world, our products generate data. This data drives and measures the performance and quality of products and processes. Manufacturing enterprises are generating more data than ever but so far it is largely unused.

Our Smart Factory initiative introduces new “digital thread” solutions to move and use data – from where it is created to where it creates new value – increasing insight and enabling increasingly autonomous operations.

  • Use (Big) Data from Real Sensors and Virtual Simulations
  • Improve Process Planning and Execution
  • Across the Enterprise & Supply Chain

We believe that the only way that company leaders can deliver on their promise for increased productivity and quality is to use that data to transform business processes.

We are committed to enabling Hexagon, Our Partners, and Our Customers to Rapidly Develop and Deploy Smart Factory Solutions.

  • Fully Modern Cloud First Technology Stack
  • Leveraging HxGN Xalt
  • Embracing Open & Defacto Standards
  • Delivering Outstanding User Experiences
  • Embodying Hexagon’s Domain Expertise
  • Unlocking the Value of Data in the Factory

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